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Raising the ceilings

Question from Shannon

I'd love to have trey ceilings in my home, but I have standard 8ft. ceiling height in all but my living room. The living room has vaulted ceilings. Is there anything I can do to add a faux appearance to the ceilings in my master bedroom and dining room to make them appear to be trey ceilings...could the existing ceiling be recessed at all...even and inch or two without a major renovation? I love my home and the location of my home...don't want to build again, ever.....just would like a few cosmetic upgrades.

Jake's Answer: 


It would be relatively simple to raise your ceilings if you have attic space above the rooms.  If you have living space above these two rooms, then you probably will not be able to raise them. However, you could lower the perimeter of the room by one or two inches and not really compromise the feeling of ceiling height. Attach 2 x 2’s around the edge of the room, coming out about 2’ then install ½” drywall to it.  Finish it out with some crown mold. 

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