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Repairing a gap in the shower

Question:  Dear Jake, The contractor installed vinyl coated wallboard above a cast iron tub/shower. There is a space of about 1/2\" between the wallboard and tub making it very difficult to have a smooth clean finish to the sealant use to seal the gap. Also, the sealant does not adhere to the vinyl very well. I have used acetone to make sure the vinyl and tub are very clean. I have used all kinds of sealant and found the straight silicone adhered better. Still I can\'t get a smooth, clean finish and find myself having to reseal it about every 6 months or less because of the silicone coming away from the vinyl. I have thought about using half round vinyl trim to help close the gap using silicone sealant to hold it in place. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks, Donna

Jake's answer:  Donna, why would you hire a contractor that would leave you with a 1/2" gap between the shower walls and tub.  I hope you didn't pay him for such shoddy work.  There really is no good answer for a problem that should have never occurred in the first place.  I suggest you go to a lumber yard and find a vinyl piece of trim that can stand up to the water and place this trim over the gap.  Seal this trim piece to the tub and walls.  And another thing, I am not liking the idea of vinyl covered drywall in a shower.  I have never heard of such a thing ever working for a very long time. 

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