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Proper height of a fireplace mantle

Question:  What is the proper height of a fireplace mantle?

Jake's answer:  It depends if you have a raised hearth or flush hearth and the size of the fire box opening.  There are minimum clearance requirements required by code to protect you against fire depending upon the type of mantle material used.  If you have a 12' high raised hearth, a 30" high fire box opening, you most likely will require a minimum of 12" to the mantle.  This would put the mantel at 54" above the floor.  Check out the mantles at www.ageewoodworks.comThey have some excellent graphics to help you determine mantle sizes and heights. 

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I think your fireplace mantel should be between 42" and 48".The custom homes and condos in California are all have mantels in between 42" & 48".

Posted by: Utah fireplace mantels | Jan 12, 2009 2:05:34 AM

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