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Removing a soffit

Question:  How can you tell what is behind the soffit? We want to remodel our kitchen and we have a soffit and do not know what is behind it. Is there an easy way to find out? Any recommendations?

Jake's Answer:  It would be nice to hire Superman with his X-Ray vision to look right through the walls to see what is behind them.  On a more serious note, there is no sure way short of creating a hole in the face of the soffit and sticking your head inside to get a good look.  Some things to look for prior to knocking the hole:  if there is an electrical meter or the main electrical panel in the vicinity of the kitchen or the basement below, there may be a lot of wires running through the soffit.  Look for any type of heat registers.  If there is a bathroom above the kitchen, there may be pipes running through the soffit.  Many times the kitchen sink plumbing vent line comes up the wall and across the soffit.  If these things are not occuring in the area of the kitchen, you may have an easy job ahead of you. 

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