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Moving a furnace and water heater

  1. I live in a small ranch house on a concrete slab.  Would like to move furnace and water heater out of kitchen (in a closet) and into the next room (laundry room) in order to remove closet from kitchen.  Distance is approx 10 ft. We will tear out the closets that are now where we want the heater/furnace and build a wall between there and kitchen. Is moving water heater and furance a big job or fairly easy?      Lisa


It all depends on your definition of "easy".  To me, typically it is not easy to mover a water heater and furnace.  I'm not saying "impossible".  With the water heater you are talking about moving the gas line, water lines, flue and drain.  The drain in necessary in case the water heater leaks.  It is a good idea to have your water heater placed over a drain pan with a drain line to the floor drain. 

The furnace will require relocating the gas line, electrical, flue and the ducts.  This too could be costly depending upon the difficulty of resetting ducts.  You should have  have a qualified heating and cooling contractor look at the job.  In our area, I could see the cost being between $5,000 to $10,000 to move the two units.

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